Coordinator of Library Services

The HSV library is a unique collection of Shaker-related materials including primary sources such as manuscripts, journals, account books and other documents, as well as secondary sources and related publications on other utopian societies and American religious movements. The collection focuses on the Hancock community, but also includes materials from all Shaker communities, past and present.

The Coordinator of Library Services will be responsible for organizing the HSV library and archives, cataloging additions to the library collection, and performing basic genealogical research for queries that are submitted to the Museum Curator, or other colleagues.

Part-time (8 hours/week)

Reports to: the HSV Curator

Job Responsibilities/Duties include:

-catalog new additions to HSV library using established classification system and best practices to protect and preserve delicate books, manuscripts, photographs, and other media.

-organize general stacks and archive drawers

-enter typed catalog cards into PastPerfect database library section

-respond to basic genealogical research queries, using microfilm lists, catalog cards and other finding devices (such as computer databases, or printed lists and databases)

-organize and pull materials for researchers looking to use the HSV library, and assisting researchers in person if possible

-keep a list of visitors and e-mail queries

-other related duties as assigned (weeding, encapsulating fragile materials, measuring for protective boxes, etc.)

Requirements:   BA or BS degree, an MA in library science, a related field, or equivalent experience is preferred; a basic knowledge or experience with archival practices; working knowledge of MS programs; experience with digitization of archival materials; familiarity with PastPerfect software preferred but not required; an interest in Shaker history; a demonstrated ability to take direction and work independently; success working in a dynamic environment; the ability to lift at least 20 lbs, and a willingness to work as a team and get their hands a little dirty.

Please send resume and cover letter to



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