Board of Trustees

Joyce Bernstein
Lisa Cushman
Diane Eshleman, chair
Sarah Eustis
Bruce Evenchik, MD
Jane Greenman
Orion Howard, MD
Maureen Jerome
Robin Lazarow, clerk
Carina Liebeknecht
Harlow Murray
Kenneth L. Pendery, Jr.
Eric Prouty, treasurer
Mary L. Rentz, vice chair
Peter Jay Smyrl
Andrew Vadnais
Ronald Walter, vice chair
Don Wartella

President’s Circle

Herbert Allen
Duncan and Susan Brown

David Dee and Patricia Callahan
Jane Eckert
Magda Gabor-Hotchkiss
John and Ann Galt
Don Gummer and Meryl Streep
Bob and Aileen Hamilton
Elizabeth Kramer
Amy Leander
Drew Leander
Henry and Louise Leander
Randolph and Cynthia Nelson
Duncan and Christen Pollock

Bruno and Minkie Quinson
Elizabeth Sayman

Will and Katie Schmidt

Naomi Seligman

Annie Selke

Richard and Carol Seltzer

Craig and Virginia Smith

John W. Thoman and Lee Venolia
Pete and Kate Van Demark

Jack and Susy Wadsworth