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Shaker Seminar

Shaker Seminar is a multi-day program of enlightening lectures related to the Shakers and their history, material culture, arts and music. Shaker-themed topics, including utopian and intentional communities, are given priority. Past presentations include African American Shakers, the Shaker West, government structure, Shaker correspondence with other communities, the impact of the railroads on Shaker life, adoption of children, impressions of Shakers in popular culture, and archaeological finds and their consequences.

The Seminar encourages presentations that use original research, especially primary or underused resources (letters and diaries, newspaper accounts, portraits, prints and photographs, business records, museum collections and autobiographies). Talks often include a Power Point presentation and typically last 45 minutes, with another 15 minutes for questions. Most presenters receive a small stipend.

To be considered as a speaker or presenter, submit a one-page abstract to Lesley Herzberg at lherzberg@hancockshakervillage.org.

Shaker Seminar 2016 will be held Wednesday, July 27, through Sunday, July 31, 2016, in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, and in nearby South Union, Kentucky. (Visit again for registration materials, which will be posted soon.)

Shaker Seminar also encourages attendees to sell or trade books, artifacts, T-shirts, and other Shaker-related items — a great way to acquire obscure material about the Shakers largely unavailable otherwise.

Watch Carol Medlicott’s talk on Shaker Music.

Watch Christian Goodwillie’s talk on the Andrews Collection