Preparing for your field trip to Hancock Shaker Village

Before your visit, lay a foundation by talking about things students can look for and questions that you hope to answer at the Village. Remember that the outdoor experiences at the Village can be as memorable an indoor ones.

Plan to divide into small groups, and decide if specific focus topics will be assigned. With advance notice, Hancock Shaker Village staff can assist you in preparing a scavenger hunt to make the experience more meaningful.

Please review general museum etiquette with your class BEFORE your visit and ON the bus:

  • Please organize your class into small groups of 5-10 students per adult chaperone.
  • Students must stay with their chaperones, and chaperones must stay with their groups.
  • Please walk when inside buildings and use “inside voices.”
  • Listen respectfully when an interpreter is speaking.
  • Be respectful and courteous to other visitors.
  • Food or beverages are not allowed in the historic buildings.
  • No flash photography is allowed inside the historic buildings.
  • Be ready to take advantage of a variety of hands-on and minds-on experiences!


When you arrive, a staff member will greet your group at the designated Drop Off and Pick Up area ­– clearly marked by signs on our entry driveway and located adjacent to the parking lot and the Visitor Center.  We will escort your group to the Picnic Area, which has restrooms and both indoor and outdoor picnic tables.  We will give your group a brief introductory talk about the Village.

  • The teacher/leader in charge will go to the Ticket Desk to pay and to receive admission stickers for all children and chaperones.
  • Each chaperone should gather their small group of 5-10 students.
  • Each chaperone will be given a site map showing the day’s programs and activities.
  • Big backpacks and all food and beverages should be left in your vehicle, or brought to a staff-assigned location in the Visitors’ Center.

Maximizing your visit – Suggestions for every chaperone

  • If you arrive at a building or program area which is already crowded, especially the hands-on Discovery Room, please move on and return later.
  • In the barns and barnyard, remind students not to rush at animals, shout, or otherwise disturb them.  Ask our friendly staff to assist with up-close and personal interactions with the animals.
  • If your plans include shopping, please escort students into the Museum Store in small groups of 5-10, and leave the store promptly after purchasing to make room for others.  Leaving shopping until the last minutes before having to board your bus is stressful for students and leaves them with an unhappy last experience.


When it is time to depart, your group may gather in the Picnic Area if the bus is not yet at the designated Drop Off and Pick Up point.

Key Vocabulary & Site Info (144.29 kb)
Helpful information about Shaker terminology and the buildings at Hancock Shaker Village. Please distribute this information to any chaperones accompanying your group.

HSV Site Map
Please use this map to plan which buildings and areas your group will visit during the visit.