A Non-Gala Gala

Friday, July 31 | 6:00 to 8:30 PM

(Rain date Saturday, August 1)


For 150 years, this was a thriving Village, with car traffic (the Shakers were among the first in the Berkshires to own cars). We bet you’ve never driven through the Village. Now’s your chance.

On Friday July 31, please join us for a Sunset Stroll. By car or by foot, immerse yourself in this memorable, socially distant experience and enjoy the beauty of a Berkshire summer night with Shaker elegance and simplicity. Here’s how it works: come to the Village between 6 and 8 pm. We’ll greet you with a basket and a map for your excursion. You can stay in your car and drive through the Village, or park and walk along a path.

Wending your way, you’ll encounter multiple stops. First, enjoy a fresh botanical cocktail mixed with our herbs and local spirits. Next stop might be the orchard, where you’ll taste an artisanal hard cider made from our heirloom apples. As you round the tannery, you’ll find farm-inspired savory bites, and see weavers and spinners on the lawn working with our Merino wool. Passing the Poultry House (and a bit of Shaker song and dance), you’ll be greeted by our fiber artist-in-residence. Further along, sample some small-batch cheeses. At the garden, you’ll be given a bouquet of flowers and heirloom Shaker seeds. Complete the meandering path with a picnic dinner inspired by the bounty from our farm and others nearby. You can take your dinner home, or extend the evening by enjoying your picnic on the lawn (in your car or on a blanket, a cow’s length apart). Your personal safety is foremost in our mind, and we’ll make sure you are safe as you enjoy a peek at our culture on a summer’s night.

A taste of this. A bite of that. And a special surprise along the way for those who join us. We are so thankful for your support, which is more critical than ever, and hope to see you on July 31.