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Whether you’re planning an intimate reception or a special event for 300, Hancock Shaker Village has facilities to meet your needs.

Function Rental FAQs:

1) *What is included in the site fee?

Exclusive use of the selected site(s); ample free parking; one HSV representative on site for the duration of your event; one facilities staff person on call as needed throughout event.

2) How much is the deposit, when is it due, and is it refundable? What’s the payment plan for the entire bill?

A deposit is required to hold your date; deposit is refundable for 10 days after deposit receipt. 50% of the remaining balance is due three months prior to event, with the final balance due two weeks prior. Smaller payments may be made in between.

3) *What time frame is allocated for a rehearsal?

You may rehearse the evening prior to the event, beginning at 5:00 P.M. for up to 1 hour. Additional time will be billed at $14.00/hr.

4) What is the cancellation policy?

Deposits are only refundable within 10 days of receipt. In cases of cancellation within three months prior to the event, no refunds will be given unless another event of greater or equal value can be booked on event date.

5) *How long will I have use of the event space(s) I reserve?

Rental covers a maximum of 6 hours on the day of the event. Events are held 5-10pm Sunday-Thursday, and 5-11pm Friday-Saturday.

6) *How much time will I have for décor set-up? When do decorations have to be removed?

Set-up can be done under the tent during business hours, 10am-5pm the day of the event. For other locations, set-up times will vary at the discretion of the Event Manager. All decorations must be removed from public areas by 10am the day following an event. However, belongings and décor can be gathered and securely stored overnight in Leander Community Hall and picked up during
business hours, the day following an event.

7) Are there additional fees for clean-up?

Facility clean up is included in the site rental fee, with the exception of any necessary repairs which will be billed after the event.

8) Are plates, silverware, linens, and additional furniture included?

No, the site rental fee does not include these items. Additional items can be secured through a rental company with the assistance of your caterer.

9) Can I bring my own alcohol?

For events held under the Event Tent, all alcohol must be obtained through and served by Main Street Catering and Events. For other locations onsite, alcohol must be obtained from a licensed distributor and served by a licensed, TIPS certified  bartender. See Event Manager for more specifics.

10) What is the cost of alcohol service under the Event Tent?

In accordance with our liquor license, all alcohol must be obtained and served by Main Street Catering and Events. Please contact them for pricing.

11) Are there any restrictions on music?

Either a band or a DJ is permissible. All music must end by 10pm on week nights and 11pm on weekends. Music volume is not to exceed 65 decibels when measured from 75 feet away from music site.

* We are happy to customize your special day! Restrictions negotiable at the discretion of the Event Manager. Additional Fees may apply.

Contact Rebecca Wehry, Event Coordinator, at 413.443.0188 x 216, or by email at to start planning your wedding or special event.

In order to provide you with personalized service, site visits are available only by appointment.

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