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Friday, August 7, 2020

Sounds and Songs on a Shaker Farm

These activities from Hancock Shaker Village focus on the lively songs and sounds you can encounter throughout our site.

Watch a demonstration of Shaker song and dance, and then practice one yourself. Listen to the melodies of our barnyard friends, then collect a “fistful of sounds” in your own neighborhood!

Who are the Shakers?

The Shakers are a religious group that believe in worshiping God through everything that they do—whether it’s making supper, working in the fields, or participating in a formal worship service. During Shaker worship services, they always sing, and for many years they “danced,” too. Their dances often reflect the words in the songs and emphasize the Shakers’ beliefs in humility (putting others before yourself), simplicity, and union.

Shaker Music and Dance

Watch this 2½ minute video of interpreters at Hancock Shaker Village singing and dancing, as the Shakers would have, in the Meetinghouse at Hancock Shaker Village.

Intrigued?  Learn one of these songs yourself. Click here for a demonstration of the Shaker song “Yielding and Simple.”

“Songs” from the Barnyard

Hancock Shaker Village is an active farm, with extensive gardens and active barnyard animals. Click here to collect a “fistful of sounds” from our farm friends.

Come visit us!

If you’d like to learn more, please watch our orientation video or visit us in person! In summer 2020 we are open Thursday-Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm. For more visitor information, click here.