HSV brings the Shaker story to life and preserves it for future generations.
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Planned Giving

You can make a valuable contribution to Hancock Shaker Village without  any out-of-pocket expense — and you’ll get a tax benefit, too!  We offer a number of Planned Giving strategies, all of which benefit both you, the donor, and Hancock Shaker Village.

How Planned Giving Benefits HSV

The income generated by bequests goes directly into HSV’s endowment rather than funding current operations. Endowment growth in turns produces increased dividend revenue that can be drawn on annually in a predictable pattern. Unlike the repeating fundraising cycles of Membership and Annual Fund campaigns, Planned Giving donations over time help us achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency. There are many ways to make a planned gift, including:

Wills and Testaments

  • Percentage Bequest: A percentage of the donor’s estate is left to HSV.
  • Specific Bequest: A specific dollar amount is left to HSV.

Life Insurance

  • You can name HSV as an additional beneficiary to an existing policy.
  • You can purchase a new policy naming HSV as beneficiary.


For more information on planned giving options, please contact our Manager of Organizational Advancement, Elissa Haskins-Vaughan at 413.443.0188 ext. 215.