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A Promising Venture 1 (2,208 kb)
Objects like these net caps and wooden box were photographed to capture the unique Shaker design aesthetic for the Index of American Design. Photograph by Noel Vicentini, 1936.
A Promising Venture 2 (2,630 kb)
Simple wooden patterns in the Machine Shop at the Mt. Lebanon community represent Shaker ingenuity and innovation. Photograph by Noel Vicentini, 1936.
Country Fair 1 (1.60 mb)
Agricultural demonstrations, including heritage breed animals, are a crowd favorite at the annual Country Fair at Hancock Shaker Village.
Country Fair 2 (1,020.46 kb)
Vendors from around the region boast local produce, crafts, and handmade furniture at the Hancock Shaker Village Country Fair.
The Studio @ Hancock Shaker Village (799.36 kb)
The Studio at Hancock Shaker Village features artist-in-residence Steve Grasselli, a hand-crafter of fine Shaker reproduction furniture. Visitors can take a class with Grasselli, or purchase his work in the Village Store.
Discovery Room (760.25 kb)
The Discovery Room at Hancock Shaker Village offers hands-on crafts, games, looms for weaving, and a life-size replica cow to “milk.”
Baby Animals 1 (1.70 mb)
Merino sheep were raised by the Shakers for their superior and abundant wool.
Baby Animals 2 (1.20 mb)
Piglets, seen here napping after feeding time, will gain one pound per day in the first months of their lives. By next Spring they will likely have young of their own.
Shaker Suppers (705.89 kb)
Offered in the fall, Shaker Suppers include a guided tour with a costumed interpreter, a Shaker-inspired menu served in the historic Brick Dwelling, and a program of Shaker music.
Solar Panel Installation (1.22 mb)
A roof and ground installation of solar panels at the modern Visitors Center at Hancock Shaker Village help defray energy costs and serve as part of the village’s interpretation of sustainable energy options, old and new.
Round Stone Barn (1.04 mb)
The Round Stone Barn, originally build in 1826, underwent paint restoration in 2009. Upper levels of the barn were painted to appear as they did circa 1865, when the barn was rebuilt and renovated after a fire.
1830 Brick Dwelling (863.50 kb)
Once home to more than one hundred Shakers, the East and West sides of this dormitory-style building are mirror images of each other, reflecting the equality between Shaker Sisters and Shaker Brethren.
Laundry & Machine Shop (1.02 mb)
A classic example of Shaker ingenuity, the water turbine in this building was added by the Shakers in 1858 to power laundry equipment as well as wood- and metal-working machinery.
Panoramic View (932.14 kb)
Hancock Shaker Village consists of 750 acres of farmland, woods and pasture, 20 historic buildings, and a premier collection of Shaker furniture and artifacts.