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Press Releases

Hancock Shaker Village has been in the news for more than two centuries! Connect to recent stories here.

2014 Press Releases

Baby Animals opens April 12

Please Touch Room

Susan Merrill six years of exhibits for Baby Animals

HSV Awarded NEA grant

In Love & Peace Exhibit Opens at Visitor Center

Family Day on June 28


2013 Press Releases

Enjoy Home Cooked Shaker Suppers at Hancock Shaker Village this Autumn
posted 10/11/13

Hancock Shaker Village celebrates the old and the new at 16th Annual Country Fair
posted 9/13/13

Hancock Shaker Village to host marathon, ultra-marathon, and Berkshires-to-Boston Bicycle Tour during Massachusetts Car-Free Week
posted 9/11/13

Willis Henry Auctions returns to Hancock Shaker Village September 7th
posted 8/27/13

Hancock Shaker Village Unveils Major Website Initiative
posted 8/9/13

Outstanding in the Field returns to the Berkshires, tickets available for September 8 at HSV
posted 7/23/13

Preservation Interns uncover the hidden history of Pittsfield Neighborhoods
posted 7/1/2013

Hancock Shaker Village, Berkshire Museum, and Arrowhead offer the 1,2,3 Discount Program a second year
posted 5/29/13

Hancock Shaker Village to host Preservation in Practice round table discussion
posted 5/2/13

Record Attendance at Opening Weekend of Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm
posted 4/15/13

Hancock Shaker Village announces 2013 season
posted 4/2/13

Hancock Shaker Village Receives NEH Grant to Assess Condition of 19th Century Gift Drawings
posted 1/18/13

2012 Press Releases

Hancock Shaker Village Announces 2013 Workshops
posted 12/12/12

Holiday Festivities: Thanksgiving Weekend Shaker Supper, Museum Store Sale and Downtown Pittsfield Pop-up Shop
posted 11/7/12

Chicks Emerge and Children Cozy up to Baby Animals: April 13 – May 5, 2013
posted 10/26/12

Grants from USDA and SABIC Innovative Plastics improve agricultural infrastructure at HSV
posted 9/21/12

15th Annual Country Fair at Hancock Shaker Village
posted 9/17/12

Berkshire Health Systems and HSV to present Health & Wellness Fair Sept. 22nd
posted 9/4/12

SEASONS at Hancock Shaker Village to open on Friday, August 31st
posted 8/22/2012

Blacksmiths Converge at Hancock Shaker Village for Age of Iron Weekend
posted 7/25/2012

Open Enrollment for Preservation Studies through UMass and Hancock Shaker Village
posted 7/23/2012

McCue Collection to be auctioned at Hancock Shaker Village by Willis Henry Auctions
posted 7/17/2012

Free Fun Friday at HSV presented by the Highland Street Foundation on July 20th
posted 7/16/2012

Hancock Shaker Village Presents “Shalom: Weaving Threads of Peace” Mixed Media Assemblages by Wendy Rabinowitz
posted 7/6/2012

Hancock Shaker Village Appoints President and CEO Linda M. Steigleder to Assume Post on July 16
posted 7/1/2012

Shaker Soul and Jewish Neshama, A Conversation and Celebration: Hancock Shaker Village and Congregation Knesset Israel present two collaborative events
posted 5/22/2012

Hancock Shaker Village, Berkshire Museum and Arrowhead offer the new One, Two, Three Discount Program
posted 5/21/2012

First Class Graduates from UMass Amherst-Hancock Shaker Village Historic Preservation Degree Program
posted 5/14/2012

Hancock Shaker Village Improves CSA Farm Program
posted 5/11/2012

Record Attendance at Hancock Shaker Village Baby Animals event
posted 5/4/2012

Hancock Shaker Village Announces 2012 Programming 
posted 4/3/2012

Hancock Shaker Village to present “A Promising Venture: Shaker Photographs from the WPA” featuring the work of Noel Vicentini
posted 4/3/2012

Sponsor a Frame for HSV’s 2012/2013 WPA Photography exhibition
posted 1/20/2012

2011 Press Releases

Hancock Shaker Village retains search firm for new Executive Director
posted 11/21/2011

Hancock Shaker Village to open pop-up shop in downtown Pittsfield
posted 11/18/2011

Traditional Shaker Supper series presented by Hancock Shaker Village
posted 10/14/2011

Hancock Shaker Village presents 14th annual Country Fair
posted 9/8/2011

Hancock Shaker Village Calls for Crafts, Antiques, and Food Vendors, Pie Bakers, and Quilt Exhibitors to Participate at 2011 Country Fair
posted 8/12/2011

Shaker Farm to Table Dinner to Support Agricultural Education Program
posted 6/1/2011

Hancock Shaker Village presents “Painting the Town” exhibition by Scott Taylor
posted 5/26/2011

Hancock Shaker Village and the Center for Peace Through Culture announce September 17th Peace Conference
posted 5/17/2011

Hancock Shaker Village announces 2011 season programming
posted 4/8/2011

Hancock Shaker Village Presents “Black & White Barnyard” Painting Exhibition by Susan Merrill
posted 3/15/2011

Hancock Shaker Village announces interim director
posted 3/1/2011

Hancock Shaker Village introduces CSA Farm
posted 2/16/2011

HSV President and CEO Ellen Spear Departing to Heritage Museums and Gardens
posted 2/7/2011

Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm April 16-May 8th
posted 1/14/2011

HSV awarded $1Million Kresge Grant as a Sector Leader
posted 1/10/2011

2010 Press Releases

Celebrating Berkshire Flavors at Fall Shaker Suppers
posted October 1, 2010

Country Fair September 25 & 26
posted September 2, 2010

Simple Gifts: Contemporary Artists Celebrate HSV’s 50th Anniversary
posted August 7, 2010

Hancock Shaker Village announces True & Honest Before the World 50th Anniversary Exhibition
posted May 5, 2010

Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm April 3-25
posted March 22, 2010

50th Anniversary Season Announced
posted March 9, 2010

2009 Press Releases

12th Annual Country Fair (191.81 kb)
posted September 11, 2009

Blacksmiths Converge on Hancock Shaker Village for Age of Iron Weekend (181.19 kb)
posted July 28, 2009

Hancock Shaker Village Announces Free Admission for Berkshire County Residents on June 13 and 14 (301.50 kb)
posted May 27, 2009

Shaker Shalom—Celebrating Similarities in Shaker and Jewish Traditions (188.85 kb)
posted April 9, 2009

Hancock Shaker Village “Baby Animals on the Shaker Farm” (160.74 kb)
posted April 2, 2009

Levy Foundation Grant Helps Hancock Shaker Village Enter the Digital Age (178.39 kb)
posted January 16, 2009

HSV opens grounds to XC skiing and snowshoeing (158.81 kb)
posted January 14, 2009

Enjoy a New England Winter Weekend at Hancock Shaker Village (148.02 kb)
posted January 8, 2009

New Food Service Looks Forward with an Eye on the Past (247.30 kb)
posted January 2, 2009

2008 Press Releases

Shop Local Online and On Site at Hancock Shaker Village (162.54 kb)
posted November 17, 2008

More than Hearty Fare offered at Shaker Suppers (166.87 kb)
posted October 21, 2008

Spinning and Weaving Week October 6-12
 (212.10 kb)
posted October 2, 2008

Antique Auto Club volunteers work on HSV 1923 REO Sedan
 (166.25 kb)
posted September 2, 2008

American Icons Joint Ticket Program (273.84 kb)
posted August 1, 2008

Gather Up the Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection Exhibit
 (155.69 kb)
posted May 22, 2008

2007 Press Releases

Natural Historic Beauty Basis of Collaboration between Two Diverse Partners (200.33 kb)
posted August 15, 2007

Historic Photos and Manuscripts Highlight New Interpretive Signage at Hancock Shaker Village
 (187.85 kb)
posted August 7, 2007

HSV Volunteer honored by Mass Office of Travel and Tourism
 (88.42 kb)
posted April 9, 2007

Master Plan project announced (107.95 kb)
Posted March 13, 2007